Document Management System

Document Management Service Document Management Service is one of the most comprehensive offering for Paper less offices concept. This service provides simple but powerful document management available to the largest corporations on ‘pay as you go’ model, minimizing capital expenditure, IT Staff and more importantly the implementation time. With this service, you can eliminate the burden of deploying, managing, monitoring and upgrading the setup and devote more time on your core business activities.

» One stop shop for all Document Management needs
» Built on a scalable and robust IT platform
» Simplifies the time-intensive act of data capture, management, retrieval and archival of business critical documents to make better use of valuable information assets.
» Pay as you use model with flexibility of various document management services to choose from


» Low cost-of-ownership and cost predictability
» Swift Access to Information
» On demand scalability
» No IT Overhead
» Highly available, reliable and secure solution
» Save Time, Space and Paper
» No Information Loss Due to Staff Turnover
» Safe Documents.
» Reduced Administration Overhead
» Return on Investment