Managed Security Services

Physical security is a top priority for many organizations & governments. Our endeavour is to create a safe & secure environment for our customer’s business leveraging best in class & interoperable physical security solutions. Our physical security solutions provide network-centric capabilities in video surveillance, IP camera technology, electronic access control, and incident response.

CCTV Systems

Now do away with the challenge of securing your buildings, offices and homes. Exult’s CCTV Surveillance System offers internationally accredited technology-advanced Cameras, Digital Video Recorders and Monitors. Got security risks? The CCTV System provides you with a visual proof of a security breach, helping you detect signs of danger early. We understand how crucial it is for you to protect yourself, your property, offices, etc. Our surveillance systems helps you in keeping away intruders, deter criminals from causing harm to you or your property (even when you are thousands of kilometers away from your place), and even monitoring the activities of your employees.

Access Control System

Imagine having flexible control over who is allowed to enter your premise and when. With our Access Control System, you can now recognize, authenticate and authorize entry to the premise, thereby ensuring ultimate protection for your premise, staff and assets. Apart from permitting entry, the Access Control System tracks and records data of visitors and employees through its Access Software. What’s more, you can also integrate the Attendance Software with any existing payroll software, which will offer you an automated, system-generated Attendance System, thereby saving time and resources in recording manual attendance, leading to increase in productivity and profitability of your organisation. » Biometric Access Control System » Proximity Access Control