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In today's world safety and security are of utmost importance. And therefore, most companies desire a way to maintain accurate visitor records. Whether it be for government requests or company purposes, it's necessary to track every person coming and going from the facilities. But modern security issues are far beyond simply locks and guards. In many environments, visitors are asked to enter their information in a paper log book. While this method is perceived as quick and easy, it provides little security and leaves visitor information available for anyone to see.

Steps of Operation

» A Camera takes the photo of the visitor at the entrance, » The reception or security personnel enter the details of the visitor or pre-scheduled appointment is displayed.
» Information / message is sent via intranet and / or SMS to the officers / employee’s PC and, by sending visitor details & photo, and wait for his approval.
» Officer decides to meet or forward or refuse the appointment or ask to wait.
» The software prints the Pass / I Card for visitor.
» A Security Alert is sent to the Security Officer if the visitor is hanging around after his meeting.
» Real time Monitoring of number of visitors in organization.
» Various reports as per customer requirements

Reports Generated

» Date wise, Monthly, Weekly, By Specific Time
» Department wise, Time interval wise, purpose wise etc.
» With Microsoft Excel, Word, XML, HTML format etc.
» Any specific requirement can also be addressed


» Enhances the professionalism of an organization by streamlining the visitor check-in process
» Improves security by enabling organizations to identify exactly who is in their facilities and the reason why
» Photographic records of visitors
» Restricted access to visitors to any particular department or area
» Monitoring the visitors & their activities in the company
» Prescheduled appointments by officers can be stored and makes the visitor pass issuing easy
» Performs analysis/reporting on visitor data across multiple locations.
» Affordable, easy to use and simple to install

HR Management System

HRMS is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management system that facilitates management of HRMS functions and responsibilities. With a core database and extensive feature-list, Human Resource Management System becomes easier, accurate, and more efficient than ever before. Includes

Payroll Administration

» Payroll Administration
» Recruitment Management
» Performance Appraisal
» Recruitment Management
» Timesheet Management
» Personnel Administration
» Employee Self Service


» Reduction in HR operating costs
» Better compliance
» Readymade Analytical Reports leading to faster decision making
» Reduced time and cost to deploy
» Reduced cycle time for various HR transactions
» Assured cost savings of 30% to 35%

Leave Management System

Leave and Attendance Manager is a comprehensive solution that automates and integrates the entire leave-management process. With our flexible leave management system your organization can effectively apply leave policies, lower leave administration costs and ensure a more productive workforce. With Leave and Attendance Manager, you can also record, track, monitor and evaluate your employees’ leave and attendance details.

What we offer

» Intuitive Leave Dashboard for managing all Leave Processes
» Configure leave types based on their seniority or designations
» Customize the leave policies and all leave associated features in sync with your organization
» Enable employees to make online leave requests and track their approval progress
» Allow managers to view and approve leave requests
» Generate comprehensive and Intitutive leave reports


» Affordability
» Low barrier to entry and exit , answer to SMBs key problem
» Limited Risk
» SLA based services by Service Providers
» Pay as you Use
» Services can easily be aligned with existing business demands
» Faster deployment & no learning curve
» Simplicity of deployment and use
» Check on cash outflow
» Ability to provide forecast of IT expenditures more accurately with predictable, pay-as-you-go costs
» No in house IT team , focus on Core Business
» These On Demand application dramatically reduces the technical burden associated with the ongoing IT management of business software